Design Principles


We aim to create unforgettable experiences, to educate and to transform. To do this we:

Tailor the design process to you,
your mission, your goals, your stakeholders.

Let the solution emerge organically
from the content, purpose, and uniqueness of your story.

Listen to lead,
probing your story to distill and express it.

Integrate every detail;
there are no irrelevant details in exhibition design.

Speak to every visitor,
through their learning style, background, and time available in the exhibit.

Engage through emotion,
to connect with the visitor, to stir and move them; to create a lasting memory.

We believe doing great work requires a unique approach. That’s why, when you work with us, you get:

Principle involvement,
all the way, from first interview to opening.

An experienced team,
and a network of specialists—frequent collaborators whom we configure to best serve your needs.

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