Andrews McMeel Launches History Wall


Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), a leading publisher of books in the comics/humor, gift and children’s book categories, approached EAI to take over the design of a history/timeline wall in the lobby of their headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The history wall visualizes and discusses their almost 50 years of business, starting in the 1970s through present day, 2017.

Andrews McMeel has implemented a rebranding during the past year, so EAI used the new brand standards as a starting point to create visuals for the history wall. By combining this approach with the concept of including comic strip squares to tell the AMU story, EAI has created a colorful, engaging grid of graphics showcasing AMU’s most recognizable comic strips and authors. This grid is peppered with large scale, contour-cut cartoon characters to create a charming, authentic display of Andrews McMeel Universal’s vibrant history.

Dayton Segard