Six Civil Rights Museums Your Kids Will Never Forget

The Huffington Post recently updated their article on the "Six Civil Rights Museums Your Kids Will Never Forget." Eisterhold Associates is proud to have designed four out of the six.

Civil Rights Memorial Center:

"Visitors can add their names to the Center’s Wall of Tolerance, which digitally displays a continuous loop of the names of more than half a million people who have pledged to take a stand against hate and to work for justice and understanding."

National Civil Rights Museum:

"The museum takes visitors on a comprehensive tour of the civil rights movement, and culminates in the Lorraine Motel’s Room 306, the actual room King stayed in the night before he was shot. The experience is jarring, painful and unforgettable."

International Civil Rights Center & Museum:

"The former F.W. Woolworth building, site of the lunch counter non-violent sit-ins in 1960, now houses this complex that features 30,000 square feet of space, including educational exhibits, a gallery, auditorium and archival center...This site particularly resonates with teenagers, given that the counter protests were led by young college students."

Rosa Parks Museum:

"There is a moving multimedia reenactment of her refusal to give up her seat as well as historic documents, audio/visual materials and interactive exhibits."

The Huffington Post article, "Six Civil Rights Museums Your Kids Will Never Forget"

Dayton Segard