Union Station Kansas City


Eisterhold Associates, Inc. (EAI) recently collaborated with Union Station to design the layout of the Haverty Railroad Gallery at Union Station Kansas City. This gallery, which opened in December, features and celebrates art, artifacts and stories of the twelve railroads that joined together in 1906 (forming Kansas City Terminal Railway) to build Union Station, along with Mike Haverty’s role at the railway and Union Station. EAI design work included the layout of 12 stunning paintings by Richard Allison which depict the historical trains of the original 12 railroads that founded Union Station Kansas City, and the placement of the John S. Reed Train, a fully-functioning 1.8 scale model train, capable of steaming under its own power. Design work also included other artifact cases placement, wall paper graphics and interactive touchscreen enclosures and content. Kansas Citians can connect, discover and celebrate its unique story of the founding railroads on this historic site.

Dayton Segard