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Wonders of Wildlife

Eisterhold Associates designed a unified experience for Bass Pro Shops that takes visitors through environments that portray the earth’s significant biomes in the Wonders of Wildlife, a 235,000 square foot facility at the Bass Pro Shops Headquarters in the Missouri Ozarks.

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With an eye toward a younger audience, displays include a flooded rain forest exhibit, shark and ray touch tanks, catfish and turtle feeding pools, a large living coral tank, a bird aviary, and a nocturnal swamp.

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A 180-seat multi-purpose theater and Conservation Education Center round out the facility.



The experience centers on one of the country’s largest collections of North American, Asian, and African taxidermy wildlife.


Traditional taxidermy displays exhibit about as much vitality as the animals themselves. So we worked to minimize the static nature of the exhibit’s raw materials.


We created a series of wildlife tableaux that capture singular moments, freezing time just before something truly dramatic was about to happen.


These visceral displays create an immediate, palpable sense of anticipation that brings the exhibits to life.